Top InsurTech Conferences And Workshop Events In The USA-2018

Top InsurTech Conferences And Workshop Events In The USA-2018

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The World Insurance Report 2018 from Capgemini and Efma underscores the need to boost technologies so that market changes and customer expectations evolve.

The insurance industry is yet another industry being bothered by technology in some of the most innovative ways. According to a recent analysis, the operating InsurTech models are poised to experience explosive growth, upwards of $375 Billion U.S. dollars in the upcoming years.

As with most new models, technology is a key enabler to this trend. Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots and picture recognition are assisting insurance companies to serve their new prospects and existing customers in a more holistic way. The approach is currently becoming effortless and more user-friendly. The models that are emerging are helping to shrink costs while providing personalized products and services beneficial to clients and insurers.

The Insurance industry is seeing a wider spectrum of software solutions, such as blockchain technology used to process claim automation. Claims management software reduces manual workflow, reducing labor costs and lending to cost effective process. The combination of foundational and tumultuous technology will help in increasing efficiency and encourage growth.

All of these Digital technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and IoT are bringing disruptive trends to insurance companies. InsurTech is growing allowing insurance carriers to build better client experience and boost operational efficiency.

To keep updated on the newest trends, get insights and develop the skills required to stay at the peak of this InsurTech industry there are 40+ workshops and conferences in the United States.

Here is the list of top InsurTech Conference and Workshop Companies/Events in 2018 (USA):

SVIA-Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator

SVIA does 10+ InsurTech workshop events for Execs in a year.

SVIA conducts over 10 InsurTech workshops events and an annual InsurTech Summit during the year for senior Insurance executives. The focuses is on providing insights and skills Execs need to compete in a InsurTech landscape through innovation that is electronic. The attendees gain insights from innovator presentations, case studies, and experience.

SVIA conducts an annual Summit, the next one is coming up is in March 20--21st, 2019. The event is called"InsurTech Fusion Summit". The agenda focus of this Summit will be"Rise of a Digital Insurance Industry".

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