Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

We can find someone in Some of the Las Vegas Detention Centers. We can even put you on our inmate view list. When we locate the individual you are interested in, we will contact you. You are able to use this search to find any current Las Vegas Jail inmate, that has completed the reservation process. The booking procedure can take around four hours along with the inmate will not show in the search results until that can be finished. The fastest Las Vegas Jail would be to phone us at the number above. Our friendly staff will find your friend or loved one and be able to provide you with:

Bail advice: Exactly what it cost for them out of prison today.
Fees: What crime are they accused of.
Next court : When they will observe the judge.

You can find the Town of Las Vegas Detention Center Inmates in one of the two local jails:

The biggest local centre is the Clark County Detention Center

This really is the Largest Jail and is situated on 330 South Casino Center in downtown Las Vegas. The large buildings and imposing towers span over an entire city block directly behind the Golden Nugget Casino. That said, the main lobby is open 24 hours a day. However, the bond posting window will close daily from midnight until 8 in the afternoon. If you would like to get someone out of the Town of Las Vegas Detention Center, then you have to post bail before midnight.

You can perform a City of Las Vegas Detention Center Inmate search by utilizing our Inmate Search Database. Please note that the booking process can take up to four hours. Until the inmate completes the reservation procedure, they won't show in the system.

Should you have to locate an Inmate at the moment, please call us.

It's possible to use this search tool by typing their initial two to three letters from the"Last Name" pub. Additionally, please note that the inmate may not show if they're still in the booking procedure. The booking process can take around four hours. Once done the inmate will show up from the inmate directory.

The other option is to phone us now - Inmate Search Las Vegas Jail